At MIC we like to reward our customers and fans with some free goodies.

    Check this page often for new free downloads from MIC, like desktop wallpaper for your computer, digital downloads of music created by the MIC founders and MIC fans and friends, along with other stuff that we'll add to this page from time to time.

    It's our way of giving back to the community and saying thanks for supporting Music Integrated Clothing.

    Desktop Wallpaper

    All of our wallpapers can be found in a variety of sizes at our Flickr site, along with fan pics, and pics of MIC's support of troops serving in Afghanistan:

    Go directly to the Wallpaper Set here:

    Be sure to get the Original Size for all wallpapers as they'll give you the best resolution.

    Digital Music Downloads

    * Coming soon !!!

    Get Social with MIC

    Head on over to our Social MIC Page to follow, friend, and fan Music Integrated Clothing on your favorite social media web sites.